Employment Law In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
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How To Choose An Employment Lawyer: 
An employment lawyer might be easy to find, however there is so much more to selecting the right labor lawyer for your situation. Employment law issues emerge unexpectedly and often times people rush to seek legal help without first researching which employment law firm would be best in representing them.

Selecting a labor lawyer to protect you from workplace discrimination should take as much care as selecting a cardiologist to perform open heart surgery on you or a loved one. You should research how long a specific firm has practiced employment law and review their case success rate.

Learn about an employment lawyer firms public perception through articles and reviews that may be available either in magazines, trade publications or online. Also be aware of the fact that there may be an employment lawyer Pittsburgh firm that specializes in certain areas of labor law such as racial discrimination, age discrimination & religious  discrimination. Other areas of employment law include workplace harassment such as sexual harassment, or hostile environment or harassment against a whistle blower.

The above topics may seem strange to you while some may be very familiar to your particular situation, but educating yourself with the different types of labor  laws will help you find the right labor attorney.
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New Healthcare Program Leads To Mass Layoffs
Yes believe it or not some businesses prefer laying off their employees or cutting back their hours to avoid cost increases related to the new healthcare reform act.

With employment  law claims rising already by 27% since 2012 some companies are avoiding healthcare cost increases by finding other ways around them. The largest spike actually occurred from 2007 where 82,792 claims were recorded and the next year those claims rose dramatically to 95,402.

It's no coincidence that the real estate bubble happened at this time as well making the notion that a weak economy will see more people out of work. More people out of work translates into more people getting fired and ultimately getting fired the wrong way.

Many business owners try and run their operation from a business point of view where revenue dictates who works and who goes home. Labor laws for the most part protect us from discrimination but they don't protect us from people who abuse those laws.

An employee can be just as guilty as an employer by fabricating circumstances to favor themselves.

Employment lawyers have the task of assessing a scenario and determining whether or not someone might have a case. Unfortunately many times an attorney will conclude that their client is more hurt or insulted by losing employment than actually being harassed or discriminated against.
Law Schools In Pittsburgh: 
There are 13 accredited law schools in Pittsburgh with The University Of Pittsburgh being the oldest of them all.

Pittsburgh's law employment growth falls short of Pennsylvania's combined growth by almost 70% less. However, with in Pittsburgh itself law employment is the fastest growing profession by almost 23% over all other professions in Pittsburgh. Law profession salaries have grown from $51,000 per year to $64,000 since 2006.

What does this all mean ? It obviously indicates that a need for more lawyers in the Pittsburgh area has been met with open arms. Pittsburgh, although a formidable city might have been lagging behind a bit in properly being represented over the years.

With steady growth and the need for more legal professionals in the area it seems inevitable that an increase in law employment will continue for some years to come.

There are many types of law that prospective newcomers might consider, however our focus is clearly aimed at employment lawyers handling workplace issues such as discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment that often turns into a hostile work environment.
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